Who told you you can’t Sing???

Well, I say you CAN!

“I Can’t Sing!!!”

How old were you the first time you uttered those words?

And who gave you the idea that you couldn’t sing?

A music teacher?

A choir director?

A classmate?

A family member?

Well, they might not be right!

It has been my experience that many of those folks in charge of choruses, community theatres, or school singing groups are keyboard instrumentalists.  They may also sing, but they usually are not singing teachers.  They have neither the skills nor the time to train people who don’t immediately prove they can deliver the sound needed for the event they are planning.

So, in the spirit of the various reality programs, they judge and evaluate rather than support and encourage.

And sometimes the result of that criticism is devastating.  The person criticized never sings again.

After 33 years of singing and 10 years of teaching, I know how the human voice works and how to get the best sound out of it.

And I promise, you can sing better than you ever thought possible.

Come find out how!

                                Susan Baum

                                The Personal Trainer for the Voice